Web Distribution Platform

Web Distribution Platform

[t-bux] is a web platform (software as a service) that lets you easily identify, list and distribute your aerial imagery archive.

It was first developed and tested for the Quebec image archive and it has more than 2m photographs available and we process over 4000 requests a year.

If either your archive hasn’t yet been digitalized and you need to promote your own reproduction services OR your data has been digitized and is freely available, then [t-bux] is for you.


In fact, this is the only product available on the market aimed solely at managing aerial image archives that also delivers great value for each of the core topics that [tbux] stands for:


  • To use the latest and open source web services (transactions, mapping, storage)
  • To grow with you over time the volume of data you need at a reasonableprice
  • To effortlessly retrieve your high resolution imagery



  • To optimize you daily workflow
  • To fit in seamlessly with your aerial imagery reproductionservices
  • To connect with different services such as accounting and shipping
  • To help you manage your geospatial database


User Experience (UX)

  • To provide several intuitive search parameters/options on the map
  • To help the user to focus on one task at a time, either in the search or transaction process

Looking for a distribution solution for aerial photograph archives?

More than 2M of aerial photos
More than 2M of aerial photos

for Quebec province since 1960

40 years of experience
40 years of experience

in managing and scanning historical imagery

Customer service
Customer service

ready to help you